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50 State Virtual Book Tour

This year I wanted to do something a little different. Since I can’t do a live book tour (time and travel costs), I figured maybe a VIRTUAL 50 state tour could also be fun. You know, as practice for when I can actually hit the road and visit all y’all where you live.

On the day I’m ‘touring’ your state you can get special prices and prizes. I’m ‘visiting’ the states in alphabetical order because that’s a lot easier to do online than in person. On the day I visit your state I want to hear from YOU about the best places to visit, just like I was coming by for reals. Each state will get its own blog post so that we can keep track of everything. Hopefully I will also have an author (or two or three) from each state to join me in promotions on that day. Feel free to comment below with ideas and suggestions!

The tour dates are:

“See” you soon!!

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