What Order Do I Read These In Again?

Recently I received an email from a reader confused by the winding timeline of the Haberdashers novels and novellas. While trying to explain it to her I realized that it was, uh, much more confusing in reality than it ever was in my brain. So, here is the write up in case you have ALSO found yourself confused.

Confused ReaderThe series are listed in order under “by series” on the front page on my website (, but let me sum it up for you here in chronological order (although that’s not the order I recommend), including the couples that marry and how the timelines converge. And it looks, uh… complicated. Ironically I’ve been stymied by Michael Connelly’s mystery series because of intertwining timelines where I can’t figure out what books to read in what order!

When I call a novella a ‘prequel’ or ‘sequel’ it only means that it connects to characters introduced in that particular Haberdashers novel.

 Date Story Starts

 Series and number




November 1814

Haberdashers #3

Fates for Apate

Georgiana Lockhart & Casimir Rokiczana

goes back to explain what George was ACTUALLY doing, converges with Athena’s Ordeal for Sabre’s wedding, continues further

December 2014

Haberdashers Tales #1

A Common Christmas Joshua Dibbs & Grace Ashman prequel novella to Trials of Artemis
February 1815 Haberdashers Tales #2 Fortune Said Whit Whitman & Cecilia Devonport concurrent novella with Trials of Artemis
February 1815 Haberdashers #1 Trials of Artemis Gideon Wolfe & Jacqueline Walters
May 1815 Haberdashers #2 Athena’s Ordeal Sabrina Bittlesworth & Quincy Telford
 July 1815 Haberdashers Nights #1 Lord Lucifer’s Disciple John Howards & Elisa Jarvis sequel novella to Fates for Apate
September 1815 Haberdashers #4 Saving Persephone Robert Bittlesworth & Imogen Grant
December 1815 Haberdashers Tales #3 Sweet Tannenbaum aka His Lovely Rogue Hans Von Rosen & Kyrstyna  sequel novella to Fates for Apate
 April 1816  Caversham-Haberdashers Crossover #2 Francie & the Bachelor  Reginald Burnham & Francine Walters  tie-in w/Sandy Raven, cousin to Jack
 July 1817  Haberdashers #5 Taming Chiron  Charlie Bittlesworth & Charlotte Ayres
 January 1818  H Nights #2 Jack Valentine  Arthur Graham & Theodora Minett  sequel novella to Taming Chiron

The order I suggest reading the books:
Trials of Artemis*
A Common Christmas (novella)
Fortune Said (novella)
Athena’s Ordeal*
Fates for Apate*
Lord Lucifer’s Disciple (novella – SPICY)
Sweet Tannenbaum (novella)
Francie & the Bachelor (it ties together Sandy Raven’s Caversham to my Haberdashers world – recommend to read here because of characters used)
Saving Persephone*
Taming Chiron*
Jack Valentine (novella – SPICY)

One of the distinctions I’ve always made between the novels and novellas is that the novellas do NOT advance the underlying plot of the novels and are therefore not necessary. They are just fun. There is an underlying plot winding its way through the main novels, which are all marked with an asterisks* above.

Hope that helps a wee bit. Thanks for jumping into the Haberdashers world!!