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Hey Michigan

Michigan. MICHIGAN. You are the state that confuses me because I feel like we met somewhere, but we haven’t, not yet. Maybe it was in a different life? I don’t know. But somewhere in my heart there is already knowledge of Detroit and the U.P. and other things that don’t make sense when I haven’t been near you. On the other hand, I just learned that your nickname is Mittens. I did not know that. Is that even true? Someone may be writing lies about you on the internet.

Maybe sometime I can come by and we can enjoy the cold and whatnot. I’ve been promised some Superman ice cream. I want to check out Kalamazoo since some family used to live there. Let’s get together, Michigan.

What shouldn’t I miss in Michigan? To my Michiganders, drop a comment with a tour or food suggestion for a chance to win a book!

4/15/23 Update: Added Michigan clipart.

1 thought on “Hey Michigan”

  1. Kalamazoo was a great town. Yes, I’m the relative who lived there for awhile. What would surprise most people is that they grow the most beautiful spring flowers, like tulips and such. I was very surprised to se mini ice bergs on Lake Michigan. Ice bergs on a lake? Yes indeed.


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