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Be a Patron (Better Than Pre-Orders)

Back in the day (two years ago), I did my pre-orders through Paypal. It amazed me that people tracked me down to pre-order the books. Then there was the opportunity to do them via Amazon and I was amazed at how many pre-orders we could get. I’m deeply grateful that you guys have been so enthusiastic about the Haberdashers books and my writing in general. You have no idea.

After a lot of thinking, I’ve decided that rather than promoting pre-orders I would like to encourage readers to subscribe via my Patreon account. At the $1/month level of ePatron you get an electronic copy of everything I publish during your subscription – and a bit earlier than it will be available at retailers. If you stay for a year I’ll make sure you have my entire backlist, too. At the level of Paper Patron ($5/month) you get both electronic and paper copies. Check out my Patreon to see the other fun stuff available.

If you do the math, a one year subscription to PaperPatron is a cost of $60, but you will get at least $90 (retail price) of books. Autographed! That’s a pretty good deal. For an ePatron, the $12/year comes with a backlist worth $18 and at least another $12 in ebooks the first year, even at the introductory sale prices.

Hope to see you on my Patron list!


A Haberdashers Holiday

The Haberdashers books have never had a booklaunch party, so I’m thinking of doing something different. A Haberdashers Holiday, something of a summer house party (except not at my house, because it’s not big enough) where we all drink tea, eat delightful foods, talk about history and romance, and maybe even dress up as our favorite Regency characters (totally optional). If it goes well I will probably make this an annual thing. Because there’s nothing I love better than a good (and geeky) party.

There are a number of venues in Charlottesville that look likely. Check these out and tell me which one you think would best suit. It will be a “destination” party for some, maybe most, so room prices will matter.

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