I Know What It Means to Miss Louisiana

Y’all. Y’ALL! I’ve been waiting for today, because y’all are one of my favorite states. I mean, there are the obvious attractions of New Orleans, but I have fond memories of being all over the state. Summers in Grand Isle where my step-dad showed me where the wild ponies live. So much time in Slidell for shopping and eating out. Visits to Baton Rouge and Shreveport. And probably a ton of places in between that I don’t remember anymore. Strawberry festivals and Cajun music and catfish and alligators and jazz and beignets and – basically I could talk about you forever.

Most of the time I tell people that I used to work in New Orleans, but y’all know enough of the difference for me to tell you that it was Michoud. I’d roll my window down on the way in to work to enjoy the scent of the Folgers plant. Although at work we, of course, had coffee with chicory.

But hey, still, what shouldn’t I miss in Louisiana? I’m sure there are plenty of things. To my Louisianans, drop a comment with a tour or food suggestion for a chance to win a book!

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