Delaware, Let’s Do This

Ok, Delaware, I have something to confess. When I was young (but only so young, because I was driving) I saw a car in front of me, squinted in that way we sometimes do when we think, and asked the car at large, “Is Delaware even a state?” Worse even than my own ignorance, the two young people in the car with me didn’t know either.

Now, I don’t know whether to blame my blonde hair or my Mississippi education, but I apologize. Heck yeah, you’re a state. The First State! And an awesome one! Except for your love of scrapple I’ve been reading about the last few days. That’s…. not so cool. But the obsession with Wawa I understand.

Let’s be friends, Delaware. Although I’ll understand if you give me a hard time every time you see me. Squinting and asking, “Is she even an author?”

What shouldn’t I miss in Delaware? To my Delawarians, drop a comment with a tour or food suggestion for a chance to win a book!

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