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Right Here In Nebraska

The blog post title is a reference to one of my favorite little songs. Check it out when you get to the bottom of the page and learn a bunch about Nebraska.

Today’s special treat is an interview with one of my favorite writer buddies, Sabrina Zbasnik, aka Ellen Mint!

Thanks for being on the blog today, Sabrina! We’ve been friends online for awhile and I’ve enjoyed following your creative career. I have one of your paintings and a lot of your books. You’ve done a lot of SFF and recently started doing romance under the name Ellen Mint. What do you think ties all of your creative endeavors together? What is your oeuvre?
The question of “Can I do this?” seems to be my biggest driving factor. I just started making themed yule logs because I wondered if I could. There wasn’t much thought process put into how useful it would be for my brand, I merely wanted to try. My first NaNo I started three days into the month wondering if I could actually write a single novel. Now I’ve done at least 9 and counting in various states.About the only thing that’s usually in common across my various projects is a dry wit, a tendency to upend tropes, and stabbings. So many stabbings. 

Everyone probably knows by now, but in case they don’t – you are the one who started this crazy food challenge part of the blog tour! It’s turned out to be a great way to learn regional dishes so I have to thank you for that. Still think the whole chili and cinnamon roll thing is a little crazy, but also pretty yummy. Speaking of cinnamon rolls, you’ve written Cinnamon Roll heroes since before they were cool. What makes a good hero in your opinion?
A hero who genuinely cares about someone beyond himself, who isn’t manipulative emotionally, and who doesn’t treat those around him awfully to build himself up. What I’ll never understand if why the Cinnamon Roll heroes aren’t more popular.

You’re a big gamer. What is your favorite game right now and what are you looking forward to?
At the moment I’ve embroiled myself in the God of War remake which I really enjoy as it’s got both Christopher Judge (Teal’c) and real character and plot! Funny enough, the original God of War game was on my wedding registry for me, which was more of a parody of hyper-masculine action games. As the series kept going it became that which it parodied. Now it’s reinvented itself as a response to toxic masculinity which it’d originally poked fun at without challenging. It’s interesting.As for the most exciting on the horizon, Dragon Age 4. All we know is that it exists, but the Dread Wolf is going down!

Since we’re both tomboys it cracks me up a little that we have a Holiday Pampering promo going on right now (link for readers to enter). My favorite self-care is to do yoga and meditation. I also have a thing for fruity soaps and lotions. What kind of pampering do you like?
Nail polish. So many pretty colors you can layer, so many glittery sparkles, some with clovers and snowflakes and other fun shapes. I own way too many bottles, though I’m more of a wintery color person. There’s at least ten varying shades of blue and not a single pink in my collection. 
I want all the colors in the world!

Last but not least, what is something you think I absolutely can’t miss if I make it out to Nebraska?
Runza. It’s something only true Nebraskans know about, it’s something only a real Nebraskan would show someone they trust, and if you call it a hot pocket we will put you in the cornfield.

Thanks to Sabrina for coming by today! You can find her at:

What shouldn’t I miss in Nebraska? To my Nebraskans, drop a comment with a tour or food suggestion for a chance to win a book!

4/15/23 Update: Added Nebraska clipart.