Down Home in Kentucky

When you grow up as horse-mad as I did, you are very aware of Kentucky. In my mind it was some sort of HORSE WONDERLAND. Thankfully I’ve had a few chances to visit the state, and not only do you love horses as much as I’d dreamed, you have a ton of other things I loved, too.

About ten years ago I had to spend a week every summer in Lexington (I know, such torture). It was the first place I ever tried shrimp and grits! There was famous bread pudding just down the street (I have FEELINGS about bread pudding, let me tell you that). There was a vibrant art and music scene. Every day we had the pleasure of walking around two different campuses (although Transylvania required a LOT of vampire jokes, of course).

What shouldn’t I miss in Kentucky? To my Kentuckians, drop a comment with a tour or food suggestion for a chance to win a book!

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