We Named the *Dog* Indiana

Indiana, you will always have a place in my heart because you have GenCon. Yeah, I know, you have other awesome stuff too, but as a nerd that is one of your top draws for me. Sadly, although I’ve been to Indianapolis, I’ve yet to make it there for GenCon.

But when I was there, hanging out in the very same convention space, my mind was boggled by how many Starbucks I walked past just going to my conference. I had something like 6 chances to get coffee on the way to my first session. I’m here to tell you, folks, it wasn’t that long of a walk…

Even more delightful, when I stopped for a breather in one of the charming spaces looking out over the city, a jazz ensemble set up. (Ok, delightful is a subjective term in that case, but I loved it.)

What shouldn’t I miss in Indiana? To my Indianans, drop a comment with a tour or food suggestion for a chance to win a book!

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