What Order Do I Read These In Again?

Recently I received an email from a reader confused by the winding timeline of the Haberdashers novels and novellas. While trying to explain it to her I realized that it was, uh, much more confusing in reality than it ever was in my brain. So, here is the write up in case you have ALSO found yourself confused.

Confused ReaderThe series are listed in order under “by series” on the front page on my website (https://bysuelondon.com/#series), but let me sum it up for you here in chronological order (although that’s not the order I recommend), including the couples that marry and how the timelines converge. And it looks, uh… complicated. Ironically I’ve been stymied by Michael Connelly’s mystery series because of intertwining timelines where I can’t figure out what books to read in what order!

When I call a novella a ‘prequel’ or ‘sequel’ it only means that it connects to characters introduced in that particular Haberdashers novel.

 Date Story Starts

 Series and number




November 1814

Haberdashers #3

Fates for Apate

Georgiana Lockhart & Casimir Rokiczana

goes back to explain what George was ACTUALLY doing, converges with Athena’s Ordeal for Sabre’s wedding, continues further

December 2014

Haberdashers Tales #1

A Common Christmas Joshua Dibbs & Grace Ashman prequel novella to Trials of Artemis
February 1815 Haberdashers Tales #2 Fortune Said Whit Whitman & Cecilia Devonport concurrent novella with Trials of Artemis
February 1815 Haberdashers #1 Trials of Artemis Gideon Wolfe & Jacqueline Walters
May 1815 Haberdashers #2 Athena’s Ordeal Sabrina Bittlesworth & Quincy Telford
 July 1815 Haberdashers Nights #1 Lord Lucifer’s Disciple John Howards & Elisa Jarvis sequel novella to Fates for Apate
September 1815 Haberdashers #4 Saving Persephone Robert Bittlesworth & Imogen Grant
December 1815 Haberdashers Tales #3 Sweet Tannenbaum aka His Lovely Rogue Hans Von Rosen & Kyrstyna  sequel novella to Fates for Apate
 April 1816  Caversham-Haberdashers Crossover #2 Francie & the Bachelor  Reginald Burnham & Francine Walters  tie-in w/Sandy Raven, cousin to Jack
 July 1817  Haberdashers #5 Taming Chiron  Charlie Bittlesworth & Charlotte Ayres
 January 1818  H Nights #2 Jack Valentine  Arthur Graham & Theodora Minett  sequel novella to Taming Chiron

The order I suggest reading the books:
Trials of Artemis*
A Common Christmas (novella)
Fortune Said (novella)
Athena’s Ordeal*
Fates for Apate*
Lord Lucifer’s Disciple (novella – SPICY)
Sweet Tannenbaum (novella)
Francie & the Bachelor (it ties together Sandy Raven’s Caversham to my Haberdashers world – recommend to read here because of characters used)
Saving Persephone*
Taming Chiron*
Jack Valentine (novella – SPICY)

One of the distinctions I’ve always made between the novels and novellas is that the novellas do NOT advance the underlying plot of the novels and are therefore not necessary. They are just fun. There is an underlying plot winding its way through the main novels, which are all marked with an asterisks* above.

Hope that helps a wee bit. Thanks for jumping into the Haberdashers world!!

Winter Plans

For some reason, Christmas always seems like the height of winter to me (because we all dream of a white Christmas?), but really it’s just the beginning of the winter season. So what all will be going on in Sue Land while nature sleeps in my part of the world? A few things.

First up, it’s important to say that the First Act (Books 1-4) of the Haberdashers is getting an editorial overhaul before being packaged into a boxed set. In keeping with a winter hibernation, during that time I will be pulling the series back to Amazon and enrolling in KDP while Editor Kris and I polish off all the rough edges and make some new editorial decisions (there will be a significant, but slight, name change for instance). Most changes will be superficial, however. I look forward to many nights of arguing with Editor Kris about comma placement. All over again (since we’ve worked together on every book since the first).

Clearly work is already beginning on Book Six of the Haberdashers. People weren’t too pleased that the plot thread of Charlie’s missing horse is going to go on for awhile, but that can’t wrap for a few novels because it is Very Important. Speaking of book six, I’m thinking of changing the title from Punishing Pheme to Pheme’s Regret. Suddenly realized I was having a streak of -ings and that seemed a bit much. With Pheme we are off to France, with more Haberdashers and more action (because of course the Regency Charlie’s Angels will be involved in more action). At the bottom of this post I’ll list all the upcoming books, heroes and heroines in case you’ve missed it before and are interested in that sort of thing.

Next up for publication, in March 2017, is The Fairy Palace. It’s my next book in the Mad Clan series and will be available exclusively in Regency Ever After for awhile. You can pre-order the whole collection right now for 99-cents. Here are all the links:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2hLhb9d
B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/regency-ever-after-dawn-brower/1125251772?ean=2940153504650
Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/regency-ever-after
iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1189300438

I’m also working on a collaboration with Sandy Raven, who I am lucky to live close enough to that we will get together next month for Plotting and Planning. All I’m at liberty to say so far is that it will be Regency era and our two stories will be released a week apart in the summer. Squee!

Ok, so that list of books heroes, and heroines. Book titles are subject to change, and characters who have not yet been introduced may have a slight name change as well.

  • 6 – Pheme’s Regret (or Punishing Pheme) ~ Miriam Valentine (Lady Spencer) and Nicholas Baudin
  • 7 – Justice for Sisyphus – Philip Gladstone and Desdemona
  • 8 – Loving Echo – Samantha Walters and Justin Miller
  • 9 – Clash of the Morai – Tess Ayres and Travis Hobbes
  • 10 – Daughter of Dionysus – Gordon Hobbes and Brenna McEvoy
  • 11 – Redeeming Dolos – Emmy Hobbes and Ducky Hughes
  • 12 – The Fall of Tantalus – Mary Hobbes and Malcolm Dodd

A Common Christmas Audiobook

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The Mad Clan

Last year I was invited to participate in a collection of Regency retellings of fairytales. From my afterword in the book:

When invited to write about a fairytale or myth, my mind went to Ireland. It had been some time since I’d read any of the tales, so I flipped through looking for something to catch my eye. The first time I read through The Enchanted Cave from the Fenian Cycle I actually misread a portion of it, but thought my mistake would make for an interesting twist. In the original tale, Finn McCool and his men fall afoul of dark fairies and are trapped in a cave by magic. They aren’t able to free themselves, but fortunately Goll Morna hears of their plight and comes to save them. He battles the four dark fairy women and upon defeating them is offered one of Finn’s daughters to marry. See, when I read it, I thought when he finally defeated the biggest, baddest fairy he actually married her. And I thought that was a lot more interesting. Change ancient Ireland for Regency England, dark fairies for bare knuckle boxers, and presto, we have an Irish myth updated for Regency romance.

Now you can get The Enchanted Cave as a stand alone story for only 99-cents! Hope you enjoy it.

Kindle || coming to other formats soon ||


On the Road Again

“Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” ~ wonderful misquote of Mark Twain

Hell I even thought I was dead, till I found out that It was just that I was in Nebraska.” ~ delightful Gene Hackman quote in Unforgiven

“Lucy, you got some ‘splainin to do.” ~ Ricky Ricardo

So. Finally committed to a publication date for Taming Chiron… only 1 year and almost 4 months after the original plan. Finalizing formatting for the paperback Saving Persephone. Preparing to post The Enchanted Cave, first book in the Mad Clan series.

Guess I’m back from the dead?

Don’t get too excited. I’m still far too over-committed with my day job and other responsibilities to crank into high gear again. Given my druthers I’d have at least two novels and three novellas out every year. I did the math and that won’t be happening for awhile. But with some reshaping of my time I might be able to do one novel a year plus finally meet my Patreon story commitments, so I’m gonna shoot for that.

Meanwhile, you guys have been great. The comments, questions, and especially personal stories from readers have been amazing over the last three years. Yes, I read all that stuff and usually respond. The reviews, too. ‘They’ tell you not to read reviews, but those are great. It helps to see the stories from a lot of different perspectives and understand what people connect to and get annoyed by.

Thank you very much for being a reader, for stopping by to check in just now and/or over the years, and, if you’ve been waiting for Taming Chiron, thank you VERY MUCH for your patience. I won’t go in to all the “woe is me” reasons that nothing worked out as planned, we will just file it all under “Girl plans, God laughs.”

Hangin’ with Deanna!

Today I’m hanging out over at Deanna Raybourn’s blog! Come over and check out my post about having fun in December. Or if you’ve come over HERE from her blog, feel free to leave a comment, look around, and have a good time.

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Once Upon a Regency: Timeless Tales & Fables!

Once upon a time nine historical romance authors created a fairy tale inspired Regency world…

We hope you’ll join us on a Regency adventure of love and romance in our limited edition box set Once Upon A Regency: Timeless Tales And Fables! Read on to learn more about the authors involved, more about my individual story, and for your chance to win all kinds of prizes. We’d love for you to join us for the virtual launch party we’re throwing. Consider this your personal invite!


First, let’s reveal the cover. I hope you find it as magical as I do. Introducing Once Upon A Regency: Timeless Tales And Fables!


Our fabulous lineup:

  • Resisting Romeo by Samantha Grace
  • Enchanted By The Earl by Amanda Mariel
  • Wish Upon A Kiss by Meara Platt
  • A Duke Worth His Salt by Allison Merritt
  • Masquerading as a Miss by Ari Thatcher
  • Searching for my Rogue by Dawn Brower
  • The Enchanted Cave by Sue London
  • Taming Beauty by Lynne Barron
  • Stealing a Lady’s Heart by Tammy Andresen

I want to tell you a little bit about my story. The Enchanted Cave is a retelling of a story from the Fenian Cycle, an Irish heroic epic. To ‘modernize’ it to the Regency Era I replaced the dark fairies with bareknuckle boxers, making one of them our heroine!

The Enchanted Cave

With his four friends under the spell of the Irish ’sisters’ at The Enchanted Cave, it falls to Galen Mornay to save the poor idiots. Although ostensibly lady boxers, he knows the sisters have a more prurient background. Galen dangles the opportunity to become his mistress and the sisters predictably turn their attentions to him. All except the beautiful Maeve O’Malley, who insists she will be no man’s play thing. Can Galen save his friend Finn before the fool offers to marry her? Or will Maeve prove to be too much for Galen himself?

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