50 State Tour


I’ve only visited you once, Silver State, and that was the old fashioned way – a conference trip to Las Vegas. I’d always thought that everything is bigger in Texas but – Lord Almighty – y’all have the biggest bathrooms. I still have dreams of getting lost in those enormous, winding, conference-sized bathrooms.

Although Las Vegas was a heck of a hoot, and I would go back just to enjoy the food and check out the shows, what I really want to do is check out your nature trails. We love to be outside in nature, and based on my research y’all have a lot of amazing nature that you never get enough credit for having.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’d also like to check out some of your local food. The internet just wants to tell me about the steaks in Vegas and you HAVE to have some local cuisine. If you’re from Nevada post a few local meal ideas in the comments.