50 State Tour

You Betcha, Minnesota!

The first thing that comes to mind is Prince. Sorry, y’all, BUT I LOVE PRINCE. And Prince loved Minnesota. Minneapolis specifically. So he’s given me a good impression of the area is what I’m saying. Consider him your ambassador.

Otherwise when I think of Minnesota I just think COLD. So you can imagine my surprise that one of my buddies from there is a huge water skiing nut. So you have a few minutes of summer, I’m thinking.

You also have the Mall of America which, as an 80s girl, means YOU ARE AWESOME IN MY BOOK. Biggest mall in America? I’m suspicious that’s a place I could still get a Swatch.

In case you didn’t know, that line from Frozen’s “Let It Go” – the cold never bothered me anyway – came from Prince. He actually just said it to the songwriters offhand because IT WAS COLD, THEY WERE IN MINNESOTA and they were like THAT WOULD BE PERFECT.

What shouldn’t I miss in Minnesota? To my Minnesotans, drop a comment with a tour or food suggestion for a chance to win a book!

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