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Wicked Massachusetts

I remember the first time I saw a highway sign to Boston. That’s when I knew I’d REALLY made it north. It took another couple of years to actually GET to Massachusetts, though. We went to Boston and stayed at a charming downtown hotel. And I ate at a REAL DAMN BOSTON IRISH PUB because of course I did.

Probably the thing I really know about Massachusetts is that I need to go back and see a lot more of you. You have Salem (this appeals to my inner Scorpio), a ton of beautiful nature (I love nature), and although we drove by it, I’ve never even made it inside Cheers (although a friend worked there in college).

What shouldn’t I miss in Massachusetts? To my Bay Staters, drop a comment with a tour or food suggestion for a chance to win a book!

4/15/23 Update: Added Massachusetts clipart.

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