50 State Tour

Long Time No See, Colorado!

Another state I’ve visited! I remember your prairie dogs around Denver. Driving out from the airport I commented, “How cute!” My friend who had been there nearly a year rolled her eyes, “Not if you live here.”

We had a great time on that trip. My friend Sue (yep, another Sue) kept me hydrated for the altitude and we went to All The Places. Boulder, Golden (hello Coors plant), and Red Rocks. I made her take me to Sheplers, too. Man, I loved those Sheplers catalogs as a kid.

My family has a history with Colorado. The family on my dad’s side lived there 1880-1920. My great-great-grandfather owned a saloon… until he lost it in a card game. I didn’t know any of that by the time I visited, so it is clearly time to go back and check out where we lived.

What shouldn’t I miss in Colorado? To my Coloradans, drop a comment with a tour or food suggestion for a chance to win a book!

4/15/23 Update: Added Colorado clipart.