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Sue London Goes International

Thanks to my friend Sandy Raven there is a Sue London book translated to German!!

Sandy and I did a two-book crossover back in 2017 where we named our fun novellas after the old Tammy movies. Our books are named after movies they doesn’t have much in common with, so it is more of an homage. Our heroines are cousins, who happen to also be cousins with characters in each of our main series.

Do you know the Tammy movies? They’re adorable. In the movie ‘Tammy & the Doctor’, Peter Fonda plays Los Angeles doctor who falls for a Mississippi girl (Debbie Reynolds) working as a nurse’s aide in his hospital. ‘Tammy & the Bachelor’ has Debbie Reynolds as an unsophisticated young woman from the Mississippi swamps falls in love with an unconventional southern gentleman – played by Leslie Nielsen!

Meanwhile, if you read German you should be able to get these two books soon!