Can I Get a Witness?

Sue is getting her website ready for the 10th anniversary of her first book, Trials of Artemis, which officially happens on May 13th! She is posting some lovely reviews of her books from over the years as part of the update. You can see them cycling at the bottom of her front page, or check them all out on her reviews page.

If you’ve read her books and not reviewed them, it’s never too late! She’d love to see some fresh reviews on the platform of your choice. And don’t forget that she loves a funny critical review just as much as a complimentary one, although it is less likely to be featured here!

Ok, writing about myself in the third person feels weird.

Thanks to everyone who has written a review over the years! I’ve read them all and appreciate them more than you can know.

If you’d like to make sure your review gets added to the site just post a comment below with a link to where I can find it on the internet.

Meanwhile, WordPress calls the page Testimonials and when I need someone to testify I start singing “CAN I GET A WITNESS?” Thus the title to this post and, well, here’s the video. Enjoy!