Straw & Needle

A hearty congratulations to my Graythorn Publishing sibling K.A. Silva! Have you always loved the land of Oz, but you’ve grown up? Do you love magic and mystery and queer representation? Then this is the series for you!

STRAW SOUL is here! Needle & Straw book 2 available in ebook and paperback! A dark, romantic urban fantasy. The land of Oz is real and far more dangerous than any kid’s book!

Scarecrow had been torn apart before, unstuffed, tortured—but none of that hurt as much as the fear that his beloved Theo can’t possibly love a man of straw and fabric.
Dorothy’s ghost is haunting him, demanding the impossible.
Could he really be a creature of dark, ancient magic—a threat to the witch he loves?

Theo will never subject her sweet Scarecrow to her family’s judgement. But when he goes missing, their Norwegian faery tales may hold her only hope of saving him!
Can she survive the dark nights of Imber, when evil spirits ride?

The evil witches may be gone from Oz, but something nasty is afoot. Young Ozma Tip must root out the horror from her land—even if it means risking a fight with an old enemy!
Will her magic be enough to escape a dangerous realm?

Cover illustration by Sandra Chang-Adair


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