Winter Plans

For some reason, Christmas always seems like the height of winter to me (because we all dream of a white Christmas?), but really it’s just the beginning of the winter season. So what all will be going on in Sue Land while nature sleeps in my part of the world? A few things.

First up, it’s important to say that the First Act (Books 1-4) of the Haberdashers is getting an editorial overhaul before being packaged into a boxed set. In keeping with a winter hibernation, during that time I will be pulling the series back to Amazon and enrolling in KDP while Editor Kris and I polish off all the rough edges and make some new editorial decisions (there will be a significant, but slight, name change for instance). Most changes will be superficial, however. I look forward to many nights of arguing with Editor Kris about comma placement. All over again (since we’ve worked together on every book since the first).

Clearly work is already beginning on Book Six of the Haberdashers. People weren’t too pleased that the plot thread of Charlie’s missing horse is going to go on for awhile, but that can’t wrap for a few novels because it is Very Important. Speaking of book six, I’m thinking of changing the title from Punishing Pheme to Pheme’s Regret. Suddenly realized I was having a streak of -ings and that seemed a bit much. With Pheme we are off to France, with more Haberdashers and more action (because of course the Regency Charlie’s Angels will be involved in more action). At the bottom of this post I’ll list all the upcoming books, heroes and heroines in case you’ve missed it before and are interested in that sort of thing.

Next up for publication, in March 2017, is The Fairy Palace. It’s my next book in the Mad Clan series and will be available exclusively in Regency Ever After for awhile. You can pre-order the whole collection right now for 99-cents. Here are all the links:


I’m also working on a collaboration with Sandy Raven, who I am lucky to live close enough to that we will get together next month for Plotting and Planning. All I’m at liberty to say so far is that it will be Regency era and our two stories will be released a week apart in the summer. Squee!

Ok, so that list of books heroes, and heroines. Book titles are subject to change, and characters who have not yet been introduced may have a slight name change as well.

  • 6 – Pheme’s Regret (or Punishing Pheme) ~ Miriam Valentine (Lady Spencer) and Nicholas Baudin
  • 7 – Justice for Sisyphus – Philip Gladstone and Desdemona
  • 8 – Loving Echo – Samantha Walters and Justin Miller
  • 9 – Clash of the Morai – Tess Ayres and Travis Hobbes
  • 10 – Daughter of Dionysus – Gordon Hobbes and Brenna McEvoy
  • 11 – Redeeming Dolos – Emmy Hobbes and Ducky Hughes
  • 12 – The Fall of Tantalus – Mary Hobbes and Malcolm Dodd