Talia (Amazon Review)

I now have a favorite heroine

This is book 3 in the Haberdashers series, and while you can read it as a stand alone, it’s better with knowledge of the prior two books. In fact, go reread the first two books before hitting this one, otherwise you’re going to miss a pile of references.

This time the story focuses on George, the third member of the Haberdashers club. As was alluded to at the end of book 2, George is a spy for England. And in this book we get to see her first mission. Which begins with love at first dance… Or at least first kiss. Is this going to screw everything up?

Casimir is a lowly member of the Prussian delegation, but working to save his beloved homeland, Poland. And to do this he has no problems slipping information to the beautiful young woman he’s falling in love with… Until he slips her the wrong information and her life is threated.

This is a romping good adventure with two characters you can’t help but love. George is beyond a doubt my favorite Haberdasher. She smart, resourceful and good with a knife. What isn’t there to love? Casimir is earnest and passionate and sometimes impulsive… The perfect foil for George.

There is one flaw in the story and that is the ending will make you want to lock up Sue London until she produces book 4. It’s not quite a cliffhanger… But there is a lot of unresolved issues coming to a head. Sue London had better get book 4 out soon….