BookLover (Amazon Review)

Truly a romance story!

Bravo! I had almost forgotten what romance was all about. Truly an engaging read as it hold my attention from beginning to end. We have sarcastic, witty George (Gini, but only for her husband) and Cas (Casimir, but only for dear Gini) who meet at the Congress of Vienna, both with their own agenda. Both unable to give their heart openly and afraid to trust each other.

As the story unfolds, Casimir stops holding back and gives himself completely, leaving him a bit discouraged that Gini, although in love, kept being guarded. I couldn’t help fall in love with charming, loving, understanding Casimir, and although some may complain about our spirited George losing her mind on her first assignment I say, she fell in love! Can you blame the girl? Throughout her childhood she thought she wasn’t loved and thus, she became cynic, obsessive, restrained, and distrustful (and yeah, I still like her) Only true love made her see the wrong of her ways.

As far as the ending. They reached their HEA. We all know the Haberdashers is a series so the cliffhanger has been there and will be there until the end. That’s why Athana’s Ordeal also felt inconclusive. Read the clues. I’m sure it will all make sense in the end. I only wish there would have been more Haberdashing, more knife fighting even since she’s the knives expert. Other than that, George gets an A+ for Apate 😉

5 gold stars