Hangin’ with Deanna!

Today I’m hanging out over at Deanna Raybourn’s blog! Come over and check out my post about having fun in December. Or if you’ve come over HERE from her blog, feel free to leave a comment, look around, and have a good time.

To enter the giveaway for a $50 Amazon gift card, drop a comment about your favorite December memory. Winner will be chosen randomly on December 23rd and gift card will be delivered via email.

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14 thoughts on “Hangin’ with Deanna!”

  1. When we were little we use to sing at Fort Bunning recreation centers at Christmas time for those who couldn’t go home.We would have 4 different places so they would feed us at the mess halls.There were 9children in our family but only 7of us preformed.We have a brother we called chow hound cause he ate so much, this day was no different. He ate so much that after we sang about 10minutes he passed out, what was so funny was he was still singing. WE were the singing Burris family. Deanna (me) Denise,Ronnie,Roland(chow hound) Mish, Gloria, Curtis.
    We were never home for the holidays but the memories we had were priceless.

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  2. I was probably about 5 and was sleeping on the floor in my parents’ room. I imagine Mom’s parents were visiting and I’d been kicked out of my bedroom. My little bed was under a window. It was Christmas Eve and I heard sleigh bells outside. I didn’t dare look out the window to see Santa. I’d been told that if you peeked and he saw you it would scare him away. It was pure magic believing he’d flown by.

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  3. Merry Christmas! One of my favorite holiday memories is when my siblings and I still lived with my parents. On Christmas eve the 4 of us would pile into a car with warm drinks and drive around for hours looking at the Christmas lights and catching up with each other. It was always such a wonderful time.

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  4. Every year Santa or one of his helpers would ring the front doorbell and run away. There would be a huge box with new pajamas for each of us 5 kids in it. We would bathe and put them on and then Papa would read the bible story to us. We always tried to spy and catch Santa, but our folks tricked us every time.

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  5. I had some lovely Christmases as a child, but my very favourite Christmas was my daughter’s first one. She was only 7 months at the time, but I loved seeing her little face light up when she looked at all the sparkly decorations and lights. I also loved buying her first Christmas presents, although like most babies, she was fascinated with the wrapping paper and putting it in her mouth lol. She is 24 now, and we often sit and look through the photos I took of her on the day 😀


  6. My favorite December memory is the year my ex-husband surprised me with a lab puppy on Christmas morning. I was so happy I was like a kid.


  7. My favorite Christmas memory was when I was a small kid we would go to my aunt and uncles. Snow would be several feet and I would follow my uncle in his footsteps thru the snow.


  8. 3 years ago, we had a great Christmas!! Lots of presents unwrapped, visited with both sides of the family, and it was my son’s first Christmas. But the best part about it was, that night, after we got home, I looked outside and saw the first snowflakes coming down! That might not mean much to anybody else, but it was the first time I remember that it snowed on Christmas day in East Texas. It made the day feel magical!!!


  9. I have a little nephew, and a couple of years ago he was SO EXCITED by all the presents that he started opening everyone’s… Seeing his face light up and feeling all the excitement – it made everything new and shiny again. Kids are the best, so long as you can send them home when you’re done with them.


  10. my favorite December memory was when my daughter was little i took her to a local place that has a train and thousands of Christmas lights and i loved seeing her face light up when she saw everything.


  11. Lots of great December memories and of course many of them with the family. Once, my dad and I started snowball fighting and before we knew it grandma joined us. We kind of started a tradition of playing in the snow every year since then and up until she decided to play with the angels in heaven instead 😉


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