The Mad Clan

Last year I was invited to participate in a collection of Regency retellings of fairytales. From my afterword in the book:

When invited to write about a fairytale or myth, my mind went to Ireland. It had been some time since I’d read any of the tales, so I flipped through looking for something to catch my eye. The first time I read through The Enchanted Cave from the Fenian Cycle I actually misread a portion of it, but thought my mistake would make for an interesting twist. In the original tale, Finn McCool and his men fall afoul of dark fairies and are trapped in a cave by magic. They aren’t able to free themselves, but fortunately Goll Morna hears of their plight and comes to save them. He battles the four dark fairy women and upon defeating them is offered one of Finn’s daughters to marry. See, when I read it, I thought when he finally defeated the biggest, baddest fairy he actually married her. And I thought that was a lot more interesting. Change ancient Ireland for Regency England, dark fairies for bare knuckle boxers, and presto, we have an Irish myth updated for Regency romance.

Now you can get The Enchanted Cave as a stand alone story for only 99-cents! Hope you enjoy it.

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On the Road Again

“Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” ~ wonderful misquote of Mark Twain

Hell I even thought I was dead, till I found out that It was just that I was in Nebraska.” ~ delightful Gene Hackman quote in Unforgiven

“Lucy, you got some ‘splainin to do.” ~ Ricky Ricardo

So. Finally committed to a publication date for Taming Chiron… only 1 year and almost 4 months after the original plan. Finalizing formatting for the paperback Saving Persephone. Preparing to post The Enchanted Cave, first book in the Mad Clan series.

Guess I’m back from the dead?

Don’t get too excited. I’m still far too over-committed with my day job and other responsibilities to crank into high gear again. Given my druthers I’d have at least two novels and three novellas out every year. I did the math and that won’t be happening for awhile. But with some reshaping of my time I might be able to do one novel a year plus finally meet my Patreon story commitments, so I’m gonna shoot for that.

Meanwhile, you guys have been great. The comments, questions, and especially personal stories from readers have been amazing over the last three years. Yes, I read all that stuff and usually respond. The reviews, too. ‘They’ tell you not to read reviews, but those are great. It helps to see the stories from a lot of different perspectives and understand what people connect to and get annoyed by.

Thank you very much for being a reader, for stopping by to check in just now and/or over the years, and, if you’ve been waiting for Taming Chiron, thank you VERY MUCH for your patience. I won’t go in to all the “woe is me” reasons that nothing worked out as planned, we will just file it all under “Girl plans, God laughs.”