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Saving Persephone

I will be announcing the release date (and posting a pre-sale link) for Saving Persephone at Christi Caldwell’s release party for “Loved By a Duke” on May 7th at 7pm! Come join us for fun on Facebook!

Taming Chiron (tentative title)

Today I sent out an email to the Haberdashers email subscribers who had asked to be on the Focus Group list. My question was what name choose for the heroine. The votes so far:

  • Charlene 10%
  • Charlese 30%
  • Charlotte 60%

Charlotte is winning by a landslide! As I live in Charlottesville, this entertains me. If you want to vote, go to While you’re there, feel free to click the “Subscribe” button on the top left!

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