Praise for Saving Persephone

The early reviews are in, and for reviewers on Goodreads (that have read Saving Persephone) it is averaging a 4.6 out of 5! Congratulations to Robert and Imogen. For Rafflecopter participants, comment on how you feel about dark heroes and unconventional heroines.

Lovely, complicated plot with plenty of twists and turns including the reappearance of a very evil man, one of The Four we were introduced to in Athena’s Ordeal.”

Another great edition to this series and as always, I loved seeing characters from the previous books.

I loved Robert – he is a very complex man who likes to have total control. Watching him fall in love, was the best part of this book.

I thought this would be a hard book to read because Robert has been a rather dark presence in the other books – his sister is afraid of him, he set plans in place that almost kills Quince, he sets George up as a spy… Plenty of negative material, right? But I loved him. He had depths that none of Sue London’s prior characters have shown. And I love to see him struggle with being human.”

I have always had a special fascination with characters who exhibit a dark side, especially when these characters’ dark traits form in light of familial strife combined with positive traits like intelligence, protectiveness, and ambition. In other words, I have been looking forward to Robert’s story since we first met him in the series. After reading Saving Persephone, I can say that Robert did not disappoint me.”

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Romance Authors Do It All Night

Facebook party, that is.

Hope you caught the Wish You Were Here Party! on Facebook for those of us who couldn’t make it to the RT Booklovers Convention in Dallas this year! I made a ton of new friends and gave away a ton of stuff! One of my new friends is author Christina McKnight. She ChristinaDiscoversHaberdashersposted this hilarious pic that I had to share. Obviously this is a great way to discover the Haberdashers! (At least, Gideon would say so.)

Speaking of Facebook parties, don’t forget that there’s one for Saving Persephone on release day, Sunday May 31st! You can find it at the link: Saving Persephone Book Release Party! There will be special prizes for each level of attendance we unlock. So the more people who come, the more awesome things there will be to win! So far we’ve unlocked a $100 Amazon Gift Card and are well on the way to unlocking an autographed paperback collection of the Haberdashers at 200 attendees. *pets the books* Yes, my lovelies, you will have new friends soon. Make suggestions for what you want to win at 300 and 400, but I’ve already committed to having you (maybe you? one of you) join me at an event in 2016 if we get to 500 attendees! Of course, at 500 attendees my head will spin and I will fall over.

Hope you’re having a lusty month of May, that lovely month when ev’ryone goes blissfully astray! And don’t forget that you can pre-order SAVING PERSEPHONE on Kindle. At $2.99 in pre-order that’s $1 off or a 25% discount from the regular price.


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Saving Persephone

BookReleaseInviteDid you hear the news? SAVING PERSEPHONE WILL HIT THE STREETS MAY 31, 2015! Thanks to everyone for your patience as I’ve worked on this book. It has been a hard one to write and life, alas, kept getting in the way.

I will be available for some blog touring and will kick it off on Friday, May 29th at Buried Under Romance. There will be a giveaway and everything! If you would like for me to visit your blog – which can be an interview, excerpt, giveaway, whatever – just drop a comment here or an email to Somewhere in all that I will be giving away 25 limited edition book announcements (pic at left).

Thanks again everybody!! Now I just have to hope that you love Robert and Imogen as much as I do. Check out the excerpt below.

When Imogen finally did receive correspondence from a Bittlesworth, it wasn’t from the one she wanted. This one now went by Telford.

“What is it?” Violetta asked, on pins and needles. As far as her cousin was concerned, Imogen was being ignored by the duchess that only weeks ago had been treating her with favor. Little did Vi know, but the first and only time Imogen had spoken to the girl they had been ghastly rude to one another.

Imogen pasted a false smile on her face to report what the short note said. “She wants to take a carriage ride and reminisce over our time together at Belle Fleur.”

“Splendid!” Violetta enthused.

But was this note actually from the duchess, or did Robert hope to steal her away for an afternoon? Neither idea filled her with delight, but both made her curious. Regardless, she would be gone in another week. She penned her acceptance.