Upcoming Works

Do you wonder what else I’m working on? Wonder no more. My works in progress go far beyond just the Haberdashers (although we will love and hug and squeeze those books forever). There’s romance, fantasy, sci-fi. A little bit of everything!

Ladies Who Paranormal

Paranormal romance that sparkles with humor. Three women united by their love of the supernatural who all find love in the strangest places. Join Jessica, Maisy, and Henny as they hunt for ghosts, cryptids, aliens, and even more elusive, a perfect cup of coffee and a good man.

The Goners

Contemporary romance with humor, a little action, and bit of spice. Each story is centered around a holiday. Like Valentine’s and Mardi Gras (above) or Flag Day… What, you don’t celebrate Flag Day? Well, once you read this series you’re gonna be a goner for ALL the holidays.

The Certified Necromantic Mages

Theo and Err are available for your necromancer needs! Well, they’d prefer not to do spiritual party tricks like contacting your dead aunt, even if she did bury those gold pieces in the back yard. In their first series they end up channeling a ghost that isn’t dead, stopping a murderous corpse hijacker, and working with an elven private investigator named Fedoras. (She really hates it when you mispronounce her name.)

The Rafalko Mysteries

Ed Rafalko used to be a cop. Used to be. Turns out that they really can fire you for a bad attitude no matter how many cases you close. Now he’s up to his ass in all the files that the sunny detectives down at the Raleigh police department can’t figure out. If he can just live long enough to solve them…

Old Devil Moon

Callie can talk to the moon. Ok, maybe that’s not the weird part. The weird part is that the moon talks to her. And it knows things. Things that people don’t want Callie to know. She hides in plain sight by running a bookshop in New Orleans where she does “readings” for a small fee.

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