Yvonne (Amazon Review)

Adventurous partnership FTW

There’s so much to love about this series: intelligent, kick-ass protagonists; interesting plots; fun banter and clever descriptions. But if I had to choose one thing that makes the series one of my all time favorites, it’s the depth and complexity of the relationships. Beyond the main couples, the Haberdashers themselves are ride or die. Love and friendship between siblings, friends, and more is woven so deeply throughout the stories that I want to roll around in the interactions like a puppy in clover. (Is that a thing?)

In this latest book, our protagonists are wonderfully well-matched. Desdemona has such a strong sense of self, and Philip’s integrity shines through even with the grievous mistakes of his past. They also yearn for different things, and I love how they find ways to both be happy.

On a personal level, I adore adventurous partnership. I was delighted that, after they come together as a couple, the rest of the book is the two of them working together to [SPOILER REDACTED BUT TRUST ME IT’S EXCITING AND A LOT OF FUN.] I definitely recommend this for anyone who likes strong, capable, loving characters who are able to work together to overcome any challenge.

5 gold stars