Kim (Amazon Review)

Sue London, my new favorite

If you’re a regency romance novel fan, this book is a MUST for your collection. Sue London is an amazing writer. She perfectly balances character development, and her heroines are actually LIKEABLE. I have that problem a lot with romance novels. Authors try to make their heroines so sassy that they become annoying, or make them too modernized to be believable. I bought this book randomly when it first came out, and ended up pre-ordering her second one (now released) immediately after. I then found her fan page on Facebook and personally wrote her an email telling her how much I loved the book, which I’ve never done before. She is so kind and interacts so well with her fans. There are already a million reviews telling you more about the story, so let me just say this: Buy it. It’s good. You’ll become a fan, too, unless you’re weird and have no taste. Just kidding. Not really. 🙂