Jutzie (Barnes & Noble Review)

Fates For Apate By Sue London

Georgiana Lockhart, better known as George to her Haberdasher sisters, is on a mission. As an agent of the Crown she has been well-trained. Her mission is to gather information and it wasn’t supposed to be how well Casimir could kiss her and sweep her off her feet. At least she has her pretend marriage to help her resist him. Right.

Casimir Rokiczana is determined to help his country regain its freedom. He doesn’t expect to meet and fall for the beautiful Gina Appleton…especially since she’s already married. Tell his heart that though.

These two spies struggle to each help their own country while fighting their attraction. And the biggest step of all is to learn to trust each other. And speaking of trust…George’s Haberdasher sisters are not at all happy to find out she’s been keeping secrets from them. Once again the personalities were so strong and easy to fall in love with.

5 gold stars