The SUSAN for a Series!

At first it made sense to put this award at the end, but I’m not sure yet where the end will be. So let’s put it at the front! Something defining about my reading style is that I love a series. I will swallow them whole. Jackie Lau is pretty much an insta-buy for me, so it was no surprise that I loved The Cider Sister series as soon as she kicked it off last year.

The Cider Sisters released 3 titles in 2020 and is still going in 2021

You can find all of Jackie’s books with buy links on her website Jackie Lau Books #asianromcom.

GIVEAWAY: No time for fancy giveaway widgets and rules. If you want a chance at winning the first book in Jackie’s series (or a different book by Jackie if you already have this one) just drop a comment here, respond to my tweet, comment on the associated Facebook post, etc. I will select a winner from one of those assorted entries. Good luck and happy reading!!!