10th Anniversary Tour

Hello, Gorgeous

No, I’m not going to have the hubris to call 2023 ‘my year’ or any nonsense like that. Time is a Clever Girl and she will eat you eventually, but I thought it might be nice to flirt with this year, be friendly, see what she is about before renouncing her to be the satan that her recent siblings have been. Sure, she started off with Mercury and Mars in Retrograde, but sometimes rough starts yield the sweetest results.

I was just reading over on my friend Sophie Couch’s blog about The Magic of a Calendar Filled with Intention. She said she calls her planner her ‘Spell Book’ and have to admit that hit me in my feels. Since my husband gave me a seriously awesome leather planner for Christmas (it is purple with gold astrological constellations on it and has cool little exercises), it feels like it’s all coming together. And, you know, I love it when a plan comes together. My intention this year, if nothing else, is to Be More Awesome. *throws sparkles*

Pretty much the first thing I did this year was send my editor a list of the books I want to finish in 2023, so hopefully that will help manifest a productive year. Not going to say too much because my enthusiasm always gets the best of me. This year gonna try a little less talk and a lot more action.

2023 is also my 10th anniversary of publishing my first book. Woot! So there will definitely be a few Activities and Celebrations. If you have ideas about what I should do, feel free to post them here or drop me an email, social media response, whatevs. I’m flexible.

Thank you for hanging out with me all these years!