The Werechaun Chronicles

American Werechaun in Dublin (Werechaun Chronicles #1)

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Kyle Monaghan has a problem. Sometimes, on nights of the full moon, he blacks out. When he wakes up he finds gold coins in his pockets. It sounds like a good problem to have, but he lives in fear of arrest or worse. This year he decided to travel back to his grandfather’s home in Ireland to see if he can solve the riddle. The last thing he expected was to step into the middle of a clan war with all of the gold at stake.


Nightmare on Clover Street (Werechaun Chronicles #2)

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If you consider normal to be changing into a Leprechaun with each full moon, then Kyle’s life was beginning to return to normal. That is until the mysterious Fi discovered that Kyle’s missing granddad may have popped up in (of course) the Golden City, San Francisco. Hoping to find answers to end his sleepless nights, Kyle and Fi rush to find Declan Monaghan, only to discover that they are not the only ones with sleep disorders. Something has been stealing the memories of local citizens in the dark of night. As if finding the source of this malady is not hard enough, complications abound as Kyle’s presses his luck succumbing to another lady’s lucky charms.



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