A Haberdashers Holiday

The Haberdashers books have never had a booklaunch party, so I’m thinking of doing something different. A Haberdashers Holiday, something of a summer house party (except not at my house, because it’s not big enough) where we all drink tea, eat delightful foods, talk about history and romance, and maybe even dress up as our favorite Regency characters (totally optional). If it goes well I will probably make this an annual thing. Because there’s nothing I love better than a good (and geeky) party.

There are a number of venues in Charlottesville that look likely. Check these out and tell me which one you think would best suit. It will be a “destination” party for some, maybe most, so room prices will matter.

The Inn at Court Square – Pros: built in 1785, this is one of the oldest buildings in downtown Charlottesville. And it really is downtown. You can stand on street corners formerly lingered over by the Founding Fathers of America, so the period is more than right for our festivities. Cons: Only 9 rooms, so even if we book the whole Inn we might not have enough room for everyone who would want to stay. There aren’t any major hotels close by for overflow, either. Room Price: $150 and up

The Boar’s Head Inn – Pros: Spacious, gracious, and THE BEST CUPCAKES I’VE EVER EATEN. Plenty of room for any and everything we might want to do. Cons: Cha-ching, baby. This place is known for being among the most expensive in the area. Room Price: $180 and up (and up and up)

The English Inn – Pros: Convenient to the highway, plenty of guest rooms. Great prices compared to the other places. Cons: The most ‘typical’ mid-scale hotel of the bunch, although it does have a lovely English theme. Room Price: $100 and up

The Clifton Inn – Pros: Well known for afternoon tea, lovely grounds, and built in 1799. Cons: Way out in half-hell. Seriously. I will need to draw you a map and give out prizes to anyone who actually makes it there. Room Price: $150 and up

The Silver Thatch Inn – Pros: Built in 1780, convenient to highway 29. Cons: Only seven rooms. Seven. Why do they even call themselves an Inn? It’s also surrounded by suburbia/generica. Which could also be a pro when you consider it is the closest to a Starbucks (just across the highway). Room Price: $200 and up

Dinsmore House – Pros: Built in 1817, literally across the street from UVa and down the street from The Corner, if you’re into that kind of thing. Close to other “overflow” hotels. Cons: Hemmed in among large hotels and buildings associated with our medical center. Room Price: $150 and up

3 thoughts on “A Haberdashers Holiday”

  1. I am torn, Torn I tell you! Best cupcakes ever is a huge draw, and so is afternoon tea <3. But damn, they're pricey! So if we want to be reasonable I vote for the English Inn. Otherwise, lets be extravagant baby!

    Oh, and you'll never see me in Regency garb – I look 7 months pregnant in those dresses. No. Way.


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