Social Media & Whatnot

Times, they are a-changing. My Twitter seems to have imploded, so we will see if this blog post makes it there. I’d just accepted that blogging was the way I could reach the most people, and then Amazon removed blog feeds from author pages. I am basically the human version of the shrug emoji right now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Meanwhile, my writing output has gone through the roof, which is always an exciting moment in an author’s life. Along with finishing the seventh book in the Haberdashers series, Justice for Sisyphus, I am mostly done with the eighth book, Loving Echo. That will conclude Act II of the series. I also completed a really long novella, so if you’ve been a fan of Bobbins in my series, you won’t want to miss Secrets of the Season.

If you’re hunting for me on social media, or really anywhere, I try to keep all of my updated information on my Linktree. You can find my pre-orders link at the top, then my author stuff, and then all my social media links. Stay in touch if you can! I miss being able to chat on Twitter. None of the other places I’m posting have as much interaction.

Because the algorithm loves pictures, and also because I love my raspberry Casimir tea.

omg, the stats on this post would make any romance writer giggle: