Social Media & Whatnot

Times, they are a-changing. My Twitter seems to have imploded, so we will see if this blog post makes it there. I’d just accepted that blogging was the way I could reach the most people, and then Amazon removed blog feeds from author pages. I am basically the human version of the shrug emoji right now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Meanwhile, my writing output has gone through the roof, which is always an exciting moment in an author’s life. Along with finishing the seventh book in the Haberdashers series, Justice for Sisyphus, I am mostly done with the eighth book, Loving Echo. That will conclude Act II of the series. I also completed a really long novella, so if you’ve been a fan of Bobbins in my series, you won’t want to miss Secrets of the Season.

If you’re hunting for me on social media, or really anywhere, I try to keep all of my updated information on my Linktree. You can find my pre-orders link at the top, then my author stuff, and then all my social media links. Stay in touch if you can! I miss being able to chat on Twitter. None of the other places I’m posting have as much interaction.

Because the algorithm loves pictures, and also because I love my raspberry Casimir tea.

omg, the stats on this post would make any romance writer giggle:


Haberdashers as Friends Episodes

What is the MAIN thing about the Haberdashers books? (Well, other than the romance.) Friendship! So I thought it would be fun to figure out what each book would be titled if it were a Friends episode. Crank up the Rembrandts and put on your ratty jeans, we’re going into the wayback machine to the 90s.

The One Where Jack Save the Earl
The One Where Sabre Fights the Duke
The One With the Spies
The One With the Psychic
The One at the House Party
The One in Paris
The One With the Smugglers