Announcing THE SUSANS!

Since romance awards have been problematic lately I decided to just do some of my own. There are no submissions, no judges, no pomp and ceremony. Just me looking at the books I read last year and saying which ones GAVE ME THE MOST FEELS. I think everyone should do this. Celebrate the books you love. If you’re like me then really dork it up and do something like this.

Stay tuned to this space because the awards show will start tomorrow night and go for… awhile. With buy links, giveaways, and lots of praise for the books that entertained me in a year that we would otherwise prefer not to mention. At least one award (with associated giveaways) will be posted each week. Maybe more often if I feel like getting this over with. Are you sensing the lack of formality? I hope so. A friend on Twitter suggested that proper red carpet wear will be pajamas and YES. Put on your favorite pajamas for this.

In case you missed the original Twitter thread where I hatched this crazy idea you can find it here.

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