A Visit from M. Bonneau!

It feels right on Friday to be a little naughty, so I invited my Twitter buddy M over to share her book Too Cool for School. She and I tend to bond over strong heroines, spooky stuff (we both have a lot of tarot cards), and silly little Twitter games. M also does book covers at Bookwyrm Covers.

Too Cool for School

This book is for all the reckless, adventurous women in the world.

Detective Angie Dubois’ latest assignment is to bring down a drug ring in a local high school. It would be a simple job, but some of the students are hiding deadly secrets connected to one of Angie’s past cases, and one of the history teachers is… well, the hottest man she’s ever seen.

Mark Green is a good teacher, so he fights his attraction to his rebellious new student. But something is not quite right with Angela Thompson, and as Mark tries to unravel the mystery of his beautiful, flirtatious, unpredictable pupil, he finds himself drawn into a dangerous case that threatens both his job and his life.

Some happily-ever-afters don’t come easily, and with enemies like Angie’s, Mark and Angie will have to fight for their happily ever after, if they get one at all.

About the Author

Over-active imagination + access to a laptop = author.

I write historical, contemporary, paranormal, and fantasy romance novels with a feminist twist.

Why “feminist romance?” Forget damsels in distress and knights in shining armor (ok, there might be a few knights but their armor probably isn’t shiny). I write about strong, capable women and the men who love them. Both my male and female characters kick ass. 😉

I believe romance should empower us to be our best selves. Join me and my heroines in making strong the new sexy!