A Visit from Matthew Rossi!

Matthew and I met recently on Twitter and bonded over a love of bats (they are adorable, after all). Then it turned out he has a WHOLE TRILOGY full of ghost and vampires and other creepy critters. Since it’s almost Halloween I thought this would be a great time to share the series!

The Nameless Trilogy

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 A series about love, magic, monsters and the cost of getting what you always wanted.


Thea Mendel is living in her car because there’s a ghost in her house. At a Halloween party, she meets someone who believes her, a boy with green eyes and ghosts of his own named Thomas. Someone wants to do worse to Thea than kill her, and in order to find out who they are and what they want the two of them will have to deal with a clan of unusually helpful vampires, unexpected Shoggoths, and all the weird that Rhode Island can throw at them. And that’s a lot of weird.


Thea Mendel and her fiancee Thomas Willrew fought off a god and stopped a nightmare, and made a family for themselves in the process. But now there are minotaurs destroying farms and wererats attacking that family, vampires wanting favors and they have to figure out what any of it has to do with evil exes encroaching on their lives. They thought they’d gotten their happily ever after, but it turns out that you have to fight to keep your happy ending.


It starts in a deserted part of Rhode Island, with a woman fearing for her life. It ends with the looming threat of the end of the world. In-between Thea Mendel, her husband Tom Willrew, and their extended family will need to deal with ghosts, giant monsters, ancient Celtic myths, wisdom fallen from heaven and a threat that has no identity, no name, and no face – a void from beyond the stars that sleeps like a black sun in the heart of our world. Thea and Thomas have found each other and a family built on shared love and respect, but the past can have a habit of refusing to stay dead, and faceless horrors can rise up when you least expect it. How do you stop people from destroying everything to spite themselves? How would you even know if you were the one who needed to be stopped?

Grab the Nameless Trilogy on Kindle

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  1. If Shirley Jackson can make a king’s ransom out of eeriness you can certainly make at least a princely sum out of magic and monsters!


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