Praise for Saving Persephone

The early reviews are in, and for reviewers on Goodreads (that have read Saving Persephone) it is averaging a 4.6 out of 5! Congratulations to Robert and Imogen. For Rafflecopter participants, comment on how you feel about dark heroes and unconventional heroines.

Lovely, complicated plot with plenty of twists and turns including the reappearance of a very evil man, one of The Four we were introduced to in Athena’s Ordeal.”

Another great edition to this series and as always, I loved seeing characters from the previous books.

I loved Robert – he is a very complex man who likes to have total control. Watching him fall in love, was the best part of this book.

I thought this would be a hard book to read because Robert has been a rather dark presence in the other books – his sister is afraid of him, he set plans in place that almost kills Quince, he sets George up as a spy… Plenty of negative material, right? But I loved him. He had depths that none of Sue London’s prior characters have shown. And I love to see him struggle with being human.”

I have always had a special fascination with characters who exhibit a dark side, especially when these characters’ dark traits form in light of familial strife combined with positive traits like intelligence, protectiveness, and ambition. In other words, I have been looking forward to Robert’s story since we first met him in the series. After reading Saving Persephone, I can say that Robert did not disappoint me.”

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14 thoughts on “Praise for Saving Persephone”

  1. Love all of your books but hate the model used on the cover of this one. Too much attitude and not very masculine. I prefer the covers with just a bit of the model showing and looking at each other not at the reader. They leave more to your imagination. Everyone has their own idea of sexy or dangerous. He’s not it! Made me not want to read this book. Loved the story. I like your easy banter between the characters. I read alot and feel uplifted by your characters. Keep writing.


    1. Too funny! I love that cover – even though it STARED at me for a year while I struggled to make that book happen. (It was a very hard book for me to write.) Thanks for your compliments! Taming Chiron (book five, about Charlie) is coming along a lot faster. 🙂


  2. I like a variety of hero types, but dark heroes are always really interesting. Oh yes, unconventional heroines are awesome, and Sue London has some of the best! George is my favorite of Sue’s heroines.

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