Come to our Scandalous party?

My new novella, Lord Lucifer’s Disciple, will premier in the Scandalous Summer Nights anthology coming out June 30th. This story kicks off a new series of novellas in the Haberdashers world, called Haberdashers Nights. As you might expect from the name, these novellas are sexy.

Sue and guests Rose Gordon & Maya Rodale will be there 4pm Pacific, 7pm Eastern
Sue and guests Rose Gordon & Maya Rodale will be there 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern










I’m proud to have this new series start in a set with such great authors as Grace Callaway, Sabrina Darby, Jennifer Haymore, Kate McKinley, Sandy Raven, and Vivienne Westlake. You can come to our Facebook party at Scandalous Summer Nights. There will be giveaways and other fun. Each of us will have author guests, and mine include Rose Gordon at 4:15P/7:15E and Maya Rodale at 4:30P/7:30E. Hope you can come have a Scandalous party with us!

Excerpt from Lord Lucifer’s Disciple:

“Every woman wants to be seduced. The challenge lies in helping her to realize that fact.” ~ Lord Lucifer

Elisa lingered along the wall of the ballroom, watching the dancers. Although it was a bit obvious, her Aphrodite costume was proving quite popular and she had refused a good number of invitations to take to the floor. But she found that here, watching the dancers, she could almost believe that they were intriguing people worth meeting. It was only upon conversation, she knew, that she would find them disappointing. Lacking.

“What could make such a beautiful woman look so sad?”

The heavily accented voice came from beside her and she turned to face the gentleman who had addressed her. His shoulder was against the wall, his form a lean study of elegance in evening wear, topped with a cape and black mask. His mouth tipped up in a vague smile, as though she amused him. His accent was unfamiliar to her.

“I’m sorry, sir, but we have not been introduced,” she said. Her reaction only served to make his smile larger.

“True, I can see how that might make you sad, but,” he bent his head closer to her as though confiding a secret, “perhaps we will be introduced before the night is through.”

At that, the gentleman pushed from the wall and walked away through the crowd. Elisa felt a small thrill in her heart. Here, at last, was something interesting. She couldn’t remember anyone from the invitation list that might fit this man’s description. She would need to press Violetta for an introduction.

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