Haberdashers Book 1 in Beta

When We Stumble, first book in the Regency romance series The Haberdashers, is currently out to beta readers.

An independent bluestocking sneaks into a library to read rare Greek texts and ends up with a husband instead.

When We Stumble tells the story of Jacqueline “Jack” Walters and Gideon Wolfe, Earl of Harrington. If you would like a sneak peek at the first chapter send an email to cmdrsue@gmail.com.

4 thoughts on “Haberdashers Book 1 in Beta

  1. Thank you, I will receive an email when it’s out, right? I was hoping for books following the rest of the Haberdashers with some of “Jack” and “Gideon” also written in with their baby, etc.


    • There will be more Jack and Gideon in the rest of the series, I promise. (Can’t give too much away, though!) Also expecting there will be some associated short stories but those aren’t planned out yet.

      Amazon usually directly emails customers when a new book is published. Obviously I also need to set up an email list for everybody, just in case. 🙂



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