Lord Lucifer’s Disciple – Reader Reaction

Loved this enthusiastic comment from long-time Haberdashers fan Barbara over on Facebook and wanted to share it with you guys.

Sue! You have done it again! I loved the short story or John and Elisa – it was funny and heartwarming. I loved that Casimir was in the book as his ‘mentor’ and friend. The sense of humor both John and Elisa had along with his timidity in the beginning and her tenacity were perfection. Having all of the Haberdashers together at the ball was a nice touch as well! I can’t wait to read more of the Haberdashers Nights series!! Soon I hope!

You can get your own copy on Amazon: Lord Lucifer’s Disciple.


Did Someone Say “Free”?

My plan is to make Trials of Artemis (Haberdashers Book One) free at all retailers, but until I can make that happen you can still check it out as a free epub download via Goodreads* or in plain text on Wattpad. Enjoy!!

*At the Goodreads link, scroll down the green buttons next to “Get a copy” and click on “download ebook.”


The Case of the Curious Ghost (Hawke & Johnson, C.N.M.)

This post is for Paul, who hasn’t given up on Hawke & Johnson, C.N.M. One day we will have a completed novel and this will be the ‘cover copy’.

Theo Hawke and Em Johnson have hung out their shingle as C.N.M., Certified Necromantic Mages. Although they hoped to only take ‘serious’ cases, their first paying job is a suspected haunting in the Scrolled Quarter. Among the enormous houses and curated gardens of the rich, they find something much more dangerous than death.

In case you don’t know the (partial) story that Paul keeps reading over and over and waiting for me to finish, you can check it out at my old Morning Serial blog, linked below. This is a good reminder that for all the historical romance flowers I have blooming now, my roots are deep in SFF/speculative fiction.

Recap of first two weeks (same as what was posted on StoriesSpace)
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