Athena’s Ordeal (Haberdashers Book Two)

Athena’s Ordeal, Haberdashers Book Two, should be out in August 2013 (you can pre-order it on the Haberdashers website). To tide you over until then, here’s the summary of Sabre and Quince’s book:

The Duke of Beloin mistakes a Viscount’s daughter for a fallen woman, an error he can hardly afford while trying to divine which of his enemies is blackmailing him.

Sabrina “Sabre” Bittlesworth has practiced the sword since she was eight years old so when a mysterious visitor in her brother’s house offers to make her his mistress she challenges him to a duel, even after she finds out he’s a duke.

Quincy Telford, Duke of Beloin, has hated Viscount Bittlesworth as long as he can remember. Now the man’s daughter is constantly in his path. Can he escape her temptation and avoid peril in the increasingly dangerous game of cat and mouse he is playing with his blackmailer?

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