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Haberdashers stories get better and better! Books one and two were fantastic reads. Book three is even better. The twists and turns are surprising. ~ review by Olkonen

Haberdashers (Historical Romance) click here to see series on Kindle

  1. Trials of Artemis (2013)  All Platforms || Kindle || Nook Free on most platforms!
  2. Athena’s Ordeal (2013)  All Platforms || Kindle || Nook
  3. Fates for Apate  (2014)  All Platforms || Kindle || Nook
  4. Saving Persephone (2015) All Platforms || Kindle || Nook  
  5. Taming Chiron (2016) All Platforms || Kindle || Nook
  6. Pheme’s Regret (2019) All Platforms || Kindle || Nook
  7. Justice for Sisyphus tbd
  8.  Loving Echo tbd
  9.  Charming the Fates tbd
  10.  Daughter of Dionysus tbd
  11.  Redeeming Dolos tbd
  12.  The Fall of Tantalus

The Haberdashers books are available in trade paperback.

Haberdashers Tales (Sweet Novellas and Short Stories)

The Haberdashers Tales are available in trade paperback for $6.99 each.

Haberdashers Nights (Sexy Novellas and Short Stories)

  • Lord Lucifer’s Disciple Kindle || Nook || Kobo || Googleplay || Smashwords || Goodreads

  • Jack Valentine (Exclusively in A Valentine to Remember) Kindle || Nook || Kobo || Googleplay || Goodreads
  • His Illicit Devotion – coming soon!

The Mad Clan (The Fenian Cycle retold in Regency England)

Chasing Love

  • Her Reluctant Lord (Premiered in Thwarting the Duke) Kindle || Nook || Kobo || Googleplay || Smashwords || Goodreads

Werechaun Chronicles (Urban Fairytales)

  1. American Werechaun in Dublin  Kindle || Goodreads
  2. Nightmare on Clover Street Kindle || Goodreads

  3. Friday the 17th Kindle

 By Publication Date

  • tbd || tbd Loving Echo ( Haberdashers Book 8)
  • tbd || tbd Justice for Sisyphus ( Haberdashers Book 7)
  • 2020|| September 29 Tempting the Windflower
  • 2020|| September 29 The Wildflower’s Rogue ULink
  • 2020 || August 4 The Wallflower’s Way
  • 2019 || September 30 Pheme’s Regret ( Haberdashers Book 6) ULink
  • 2019 || September 21 Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (Goners Book 1) ULink
  • 2019 || August 31 Feral Hog Kindle
  • 2018 || July 31 Haberdashers Act I (Books 1-4 revised) Kindle || Nook || Kobo
  • 2017 || August 8 Francie & the Bachelor (Caversham-Haberdashers Crossover) Kindle | Goodreads
  • 2017 || July 1 The Fairy Palace (Mad Clan) Buy
  • 2016 || December 16 Taming Chiron Kindle | Nook | Goodreads
  • 2016 || November 22 Her Reluctant Lord – Kindle
  • 2016 || November 14 A Common Christmas– Audio! Amazon Audible | iTunes
  • 2016 || September 23 The Enchanted Cave (Mad Clan) Buy
  • 2016 || May 24 Her Reluctant Lord in Thwarting the Duke Kindle
  • 2016 || February 8 Jack Valentine Kindle
  • 2015 || May 31 Saving Persephone Kindle || Nook ||
  • 2014 || December 23 Sweet Tannenbaum (aka His Lovely Rogue) Kindle | Nook | Kobo | Googleplay | Smashwords | Goodreads
  • 2014 || September 30 Lord Lucifer’s Disciple Kindle | Nook | Kobo | Googleplay | Smashwords | Goodreads
  • 2014 || March 31 Fates for Apate Kindle | Nook  | KoboGoogleplaySmashwordsGoodreads
  • 2014 || March 17 American Werechaun in Dublin  Kindle || Goodreads
  • 2014 || February 8 Fortune Said  Kindle || Nook || Kobo || Googleplay || Smashwords || Goodreads
  • 2013 || August 31 Athena’s Ordeal Kindle || Nook || Googleplay || Smashwords || Goodreads
  • 2013 || May 13 Trials of Artemis  Kindle || Nook || GooglePlay || Goodreads

Sunset Collections

  • 2017 || March 7 Regency Ever After (The Fairy Palace)
  • 2016 || December 13 It Started With a Kiss
  • 2016 || October Ravishing Rogues
  • 2016 || June 21 Scandalous Scoundrels
  • 2016 || June 7 The Hero Least Likely
  • 2016 || February 5 Once Upon a Regency (The Enchanted Cave)

By Price

Free and KDP

  • Trials of Artemis (Haberdashers Book One, Regency Romance)
  • Feral Hog (Paranormal Romance)


  • A Common Christmas (Haberdashers Tales Book One, Regency Romance, Downstairs)
  • Fortune Said (Haberdashers Tales Book Two, Regency Romance, Downstairs)
  • Sweet Tanenbaum (Haberdashers Tales Book Three, Regency Romance)
  • Jack Valentine (Haberdashers Nights Book Two, Regency Romance)
  • The Enchanted Cave (Mad Clan Book One, Regency Romance)
  • The Fairy Palace (Mad Clan Book Two, Regency Romance)


  • Athena’s Ordeal
  • Fates for Apate
  • Saving Persephone
  • Taming Chiron
  • Pheme’s Regret
  • Lord Lucifer’s Disciple
  • Francie & the Bachelor
  • Tempted by the Windflower
  • Her Reluctant Lord
  • Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

92 thoughts on “”

  1. I swear I refresh Amazon daily in hopes of an update for the publication date of your next book. Please put me out of my misery and tell me when Fates for Apate is coming. =(

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks Kat! It’s been crazy lately, huh? I’ve already said I’ll never remember March and now I’m pretty sure I’ll never remember April. Going too fast!


  2. Just finished “Fortune Said”. It was such a great little short read. Thanks so much! Can’t wait for March 31st! Love your books!


  3. Many thanks for the 99 cents stories. Have read two of them and know will enjoy the rest. Happy Valentines’s day to you.


  4. What I like about Valentine’s Day is that the next day lots of chocolate is reduced to 50% off!!
    I’m telling all my Lovers of Romance Novels fellows know that your stories are on sale for Valentine’s day =D


  5. I guess my last comment didn’t post. I really enjoy reading your books and can’t wait for the next in the series! Thanks for the great Valentines Day goodies giveaway chance! Romance is in the air.😊


  6. I love valentines day because I get chocolate- and next to good books I like chocolate second. Thanks for the great Valentines Day goodies giveaway chance.


  7. Well… this V-day I’m loving giveaways – like this one πŸ˜‰ And, I didn’t know that the new novella was released yet – so I was able to get that during the sale.

    And, of course, the perfect excuse to indulge in a little extra chocolate before race season (running) starts.


  8. What I love about Valentines day is sort of the same thing I love about the holiday season–a massive influx of good tidings and positive vibes.


  9. Is it just me, or does anybody else get “tickled” when they get an Amazon notice like:

    “Mom2zoo, a customer just told us your review was helpful to them while shopping on Amazon.

    Fortune Said: A Valentine…

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Loved it!
    February 13, 2014 ”



  10. Hello Sue
    About to do an order with Amazon in America and so far the first book is only in print. Can you please advise when the others will be in print as well.Thanks, Helen (Australia)


    1. Thanks so much, Sandy! And guess what? The Haberdashers books will be available in print via Amazon later this month! I’m so excited!!! I will also try to figure out how to set myself up as an Amazon vendor so that I can offer autographed versions through the site.


  11. I have just now finished ‘Fates for Apate’ and I enjoyed it very much. That is the fifth book of yours that I have read and they were all very enjoyable to read when I wanted a light hearted read to make me feel better. Thanks very much.

    One small criticism though, there are frequent name changes between ‘Appleton’ and ‘Applegate’ and then back to ‘Appleton’ and back again a few more times. Given a choice I prefer ‘Appleton’. πŸ™‚
    Regards, Anne


  12. Sue I love your Haberdashers books. Have just finished Fates for Apate. I look forward to reading about Robert in the next instalment. Only one major problem for me as a Scot (not pro-independence) and that is they (you) keep talking about England going to the Congress of Vienna which took place 1814-1815. By that time it was Great Britain which went to the Congress as the Act of Union was finalised in 1707. The Scottish regiments were renowned for their bravery in the battles against Napoleon and his armies. Please, please change England to Great Britain in the next books to be published and I’ll be very happy bunny


  13. Really loved the first two Haberdashers books. Really excited to see the third one is available. Also just got the short stories and looking forward to them. Can’t wait for Robert’s story. Please keep up the good work.


  14. Hi Sue
    Please tell me that Lord Lucifers Disciple will be in print as well sometime in the future.Helen


  15. Dear Sue,

    I’ve been rereading the first two weeks of Hawke & Johnson C.N.M. for the fourth time and I still love it. Did you ever continue that story? If so, pleeease tell me where to find it. If not, is there still hope?


    1. Hi Paul! There is still hope but nothing more to share yet. I can’t say when, but I will definitely get Hawke & Johnson off to the races as a real series. Heck, they are begging for a graphic novel at some point, too. Thanks for reading and for checking in!!! πŸ™‚


    1. I know, right? Imagine how I feel. πŸ˜‰ If you aren’t already on the email list go ahead and hop on at because I will be sending this year’s Christmas novella in a few days. It will also be for sale online for 99-cents for at least the twelve days of Christmas (may go up to $2.99 after that). Yes, email list subscribers get special perks!


  16. Hi Sue,

    Reading Trials of Artemis and can I just say how I loved your description of the Romney Marsh? I live in the middle of the marsh and love how you captured it!

    I look forward to reading many of your works!

    Thanks again,



  17. Just read Trials of Artemis and loved the story. Strong characters that draw you in and captive you. Getting ready to read Athena and can’t wait for the next book. I also loved the novellas on Dibbs and Whit.


  18. I enjoyed the series immensely except for the grammar mistakes I found in book 3, e.g. Whomever instead of whoever or she and xy instead of her and xy or vice versa. I volunteer for grammar proof reading if you feel it could be useful. Lovely plots and I really like the tomboy-approach instead of simpering Misses-waiting-to-be-rescued.


  19. Just finished Saving Persephone, I have loved reading the Haberdashers and I am eager to read Charlie’s story. Any hints as to when we can expect Taming Chiron?


  20. New fan here, I love The Enchanted Cave is there a MAD CAP CLAN series coming soon???? I would love to read Bran, Finn, Oscar and Conan’s stories. I fell in love with Finn and Oscar for some reason in the short time I got to know them. Please please please let me know. By the way thanks for all of your wonderful writing. I’m going to start your Haberdasher series now. Again thank u!!!!!
    Sincerely, Daimy


    1. Thanks Daimy! It certainly occurred to me to write more stories about The Mad Clan, it’s just finding the time to do it. I’m thinking Oscar will be my next hero. πŸ™‚


  21. I have all the haberfashers books and three novellas I have loved all of them and can’t wait for more


  22. I love the first three books of the haberdasher series. The characters are so much fun! I look forward to reading the rest of the series.


  23. Hello,
    I have just finished reading the first 4 books of the Haberdashers and I want to read the next one, “Taming Chiron” but I cannot find it on Kobo’s website. I have a Kobo ereader so cannot buy the Kindle version. Will the book be on Kobo’s website soon?
    Please let me know,
    L. Coulombe


  24. Hello Sue! I am enjoying the first book that I have read by you…Trials of Artemis. I already can’t wait till read the rest of the series. I am especially looking forward to Samantha and Justin’s story. Do you have a release date for that book? Thank you!


    1. Hi! Thanks so much. You are correct that Sam and Justin will have their happily ever after! Eventually. They are scheduled to be BOOK 8. So, uh, yeah. The good news is that I already have snippets. The bad news is that I have to finish books 6 and 7 before we get there. I will post a release date once I know it!


      1. Snippet from start of book (very rough draft):

        February 1815
        My dearest Justin
        Well, Jack has married her earl. Truly, you wouldn’t believe the effect he has had on her. For days she would drift around the house, staring off into the distance and scribbling in a little journal. I peeked in it once and it was lists of things like his properties and furnishings. Can you imagine! Then when I would say she was in love with him she would get so angry. Me thinks she doth protest too much!
        But the wedding this morning – Justin I’m so sorry that you missed it. Jack was simply lovely in a dark green velvet dress that the earl sent over last night. Jack didn’t want to wear it because, well, she’s Jack and when has she ever wanted to do anything that anyone told her to do? And the earl. Oh my, I’m not sure when I’ve seen a more handsome man. He has this roguish look about him. That’s good, I suppose. Jack always did like wild and dangerous things.
        They have set off for Kent. Would you, could you, be so good as to take Jack her trunks? I’m sure she will be lonely and a bit at sea in some stuffy old estate. I do think that they will settle in after a time, but they haven’t known each other all that long and everything there will be his. It would mean a great deal to me if you would do that. The estate is known as Kellington.
        The other thing to think on is that, having Jack nicely settled with a wealthy, titled man, my father may be quite a bit more lenient with who I will be allowed to marry. Further, prior to finding her earl, Jack had been making noises about becoming an old maid. She said that once she reached her majority that she would be able to take her investment funds, and perhaps her dowry if father would release it, and live on her own. Can one truly do that? If so, then when I reach my majority I would be able to marry whomever I like. Which I suppose means I should find out what age is my majority.
        Please give my love to all in Derbyshire. Has Philomena had her foal yet? I imagine she is fatter than Baker Hudson.
        Yours truly,

        March 1815
        Dearest Samantha,
        I’m glad that your letter indicates you are in good spirits. May I surmise that your parents are well? Certainly your mother is thrilled that Jack married an earl. Being the mother of a countess will raise her own standing when you all come home.
        Of course I will be pleased to deliver Jack’s trunks to her and will leave within a fortnight if the weather is promising.
        Please don’t pin your hopes on your father allowing us to marry. You deserve better than a man who, at best, will become a stable master. Continue to attend balls and find a man that will be able to support you in the style you deserve. I only want you to be happy, Sam.
        Philomena hasn’t foaled yet, but I suspect she will before I leave.
        And I will not advise Baker Hudson of your comparison since that would mean you would never have his cakes again. At least, not without me smuggling them to you.
        Tell your mother that as spring approaches I am already desperately missing her lemon biscuits. The only thing I’ve ever had to rival Baker Hudson’s cakes.
        Yours truly,
        p.s. In England a woman may own personal property once she reaches the age of twenty-one if she is unmarried. That is probably what Jack was looking forward to.


      2. Thank you Sue…and thanks for the great books to escape into during this crazy time of year! Happy writing and have a wonderful holiday season!


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