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The Haberdashers

Haberdashers stories get better and better! Books one and two were fantastic reads. Book three is even better. The twists and turns are surprising. ~ review by Olkonen

  1. Trials of Artemis (2013)  All Platforms || Kindle || Nook Free on most platforms!
  2. Athena’s Ordeal (2013)  All Platforms || Kindle || Nook
  3. Fates for Apate  (2014)  All Platforms || Kindle || Nook
  4. Saving Persephone (2015) All Platforms || Kindle || Nook  
  5. Taming Chiron (2016) All Platforms || Kindle || Nook
  6. Pheme’s Regret (2019) All Platforms || Kindle || Nook
  7. Justice for Sisyphus (2022) All Platforms ||
  8.  Loving Echo tbd
  9.  Charming the Fates tbd
  10.  Daughter of Dionysus tbd
  11.  Redeeming Dolos tbd
  12.  The Fall of Tantalus

Haberdashers Tales (Sweet Novellas and Short Stories)

Haberdashers Nights (Sexy Novellas and Short Stories)

  • Lord Lucifer’s Disciple (2014) Kindle || Goodreads
  • Jack Valentine (2019)- All Platforms
  • To Woo a Rake, Wicked Widows’ League #10 (2023) Kindle || All Other Formats
  • Don’t Mind if I Duke, Wayward Dukes’ Alliance #1 (2023) – available August 8
  • His Illicit Devotion – coming soon

Haberdashers-Caversham Crossover!

  • Phoebe & the Doctor by Sandy Raven
  • Francie & the Bachelor by Sue London All Platforms

The Mad Clan Series

(The Fenian Cycle retold in Regency England)
  • The Enchanted Cave (2016)- Buy Link
  • The Fairy Palace (2017) – Buy Link
  • The Old Mare – tbd
  • The Seven Trials – tbd
  • The Hunt – tbd

Chasing Love Series

  • Her Reluctant Lord (2016) – Buy Link
  • Outfoxed (tbd)
  • Asking for Trouble (tbd)
  • Timid Is as Timid Does (tbd)

Werechaun Chronicles (Urban Fairytales)

  1. American Werechaun in Dublin (2014) Kindle || Goodreads
  2. Nightmare on Clover Street (2015) Kindle
  3. Friday the 17th (2016) Kindle


Great story & what a cliffhanger! I have read this series from the beginning & absolutely loved this story….I hope we don’t have to wait so long for the answers!

5 gold stars

Victoria (Amazon Review)

Delightful Addition to the Haberdasher Series

Saving Persephone is Robert Bittlesworth’s story and it is great. Lovely, complicated plot with plenty of twists and turns including the reappearance of a very evil man, one of The Four we were introduced to in Athena’s Ordeal.

Imogen, daughter of a Scottish laird and an American woman who owns a shipping business, has traveled extensively around the world. She has the gift of empathy and is able to read people’s emotions. As a consequence she prefers to avoid strong emotional connections. She literally runs into Robert on the street and the two of them are immediately attracted to one another. Robert is a very complex man who has spent many years living in his head, running intelligence operations for the Home Office. Watching their relationship gradually unfold is loads of fun.

For me one of the best parts of this book was having an opportunity to spend time with all the main characters from the previous Haberdasher books. Jack and Gideon, Sabre and Quince, George and Casimir are all part of the action and each tell parts of the story from their point of view. Imogen’s impressions of each of the three Haberdashers is fascinating because she sees their deeper motivations. I did get the sense Sue London was tying some threads together in this book concerning these ladies before moving on to the next stage in her series.

We do learn more about Charlie Bittlesworth in this book and it turns out there is much more to him than meets the eye. Sue is setting the stage for his book after all.

5 gold stars

Neith (Amazon Review)