Haberdashers Book 1 in Beta

When We Stumble, first book in the Regency romance series The Haberdashers, is currently out to beta readers.

An independent bluestocking sneaks into a library to read rare Greek texts and ends up with a husband instead.

When We Stumble tells the story of Jacqueline “Jack” Walters and Gideon Wolfe, Earl of Harrington. If you would like a sneak peek at the first chapter send an email to

4 thoughts on “Haberdashers Book 1 in Beta”

  1. Thank you, I will receive an email when it’s out, right? I was hoping for books following the rest of the Haberdashers with some of “Jack” and “Gideon” also written in with their baby, etc.


    1. There will be more Jack and Gideon in the rest of the series, I promise. (Can’t give too much away, though!) Also expecting there will be some associated short stories but those aren’t planned out yet.

      Amazon usually directly emails customers when a new book is published. Obviously I also need to set up an email list for everybody, just in case. 🙂


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